Cardio Yoga Fusion is designed for those of us with not enough time in the day.  This revolutionary fusion of balance,
strength, flexibility and heart health is the all one yoga practice that we all have been waiting for!  Natalie Cummings
takes her non-intimidating style of yoga and incorporates unique yoga inspired intervals that boost the metabolism!  
This experience will leave you in a cleansed and totally relaxed state of mind/body bliss!  
Join in the everyday wellness way of life! See our
Cardio Yoga Fusion & Hiking Yoga schedules and sign up today.

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Natalie Cummings  


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What inspired you to become a yoga teacher?
I was in an immense amount of pain at the early age of 20 and almost unable to walk.
Doctors prescribed muscle relaxers and pain medications, but I wanted to be capable
and functional. A blurred state of existence was not an option,
Faces of Hiking Yoga Interview
How has becoming a part of the Hiking Yoga teaching family impacted your yoga
Hiking Yoga has launched my yoga career! I have gained profound knowledge as an
entrepreneur from becoming a part of the Hiking Yoga Training Network. I had the vision, and
the drive, I just needed structure and guidance
Hiking Yoga offers a unique 90 minute workout integrating the cardio of
hiking with the power of yoga. An interval workout routine that connects you
to many layers of your life--health, nature, community, friends, and an
amazing workout that fits into your busy schedule. Work on strength,
flexibility, and posture in the fresh air beyond the yoga studio or gym.